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What is Agora Perks & Why Now?

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Agora Perks

Recently I was asked the question: “Why Agora Perks? What is the advantage for me with Agora Perks?  I think this question is of the utmost importance that it be understood, so I made this video to explain.  Please let me know below in the comments what you think?.

First the name; Agora Perks;  Agora comes from ancient Greek and it means the center of assemblies and markets or modern terms (convention center and Shopping Malls)!

Now word Perks is a modern word and it means to make more happy, more animated, more joyful. Together these words speak of our vision.

Agora Perks, is an assembly (a group) of entrepreneurs, small business owners and solopreneurs who on their own may be struggling to stay in business, specially during this crazy global pandemic,  but together can achieve the success that alone might be more difficult.

If we look at companies like Starbucks, Panera, Nike, Apple, they are monsters of companies that have huge marketing departments with millions of dollars to dedicate to mass advertising and highly educated professionals, from the best universities in the world, making them hugely successful.

How then can an Small Business Owner (SBO) compete with such an obstacle. I mean the fight between David and Goliath was more fair because that was a fight between two guys.  But to compete with 100’s of professionals with millions of dollars to attract the consumers spending – how can the little guy compete?

The idea behind ​​Agora Perks is to unite the efforts of SBO and Solopreneurs and collectively have more strength to face the day-to-day challenges of each of our local businesses.

Your Business Has A Lot More Potential

Let’s Chat and together see how we can help increase your sales and grow your business for you!

The Agora Perks family of and AgoraPerks.Store (Agora Perks Mall) gives us a place where we can make new alliances, attract new clients, engage our customers, retain loyal customers and, participate in educational programs.

In the Agora Perks Mall we have a virtual conference center where we invite local professionals to present their expertise and we ask questions.  Questions that experts share their knowledge on like forming a company, reporting business taxes, immigration laws for entrepreneurs, participating in business referral services , increasing sales using commission free digital marketing coupons and even creating inexpensive online landing pages  (a virtual address where a potential customer can find you online) so you can engage customers and stop using ineffective whatsapp groupons and fb community groups to try and sell your product or service.

If you are an entrepreneur, entrepreneur, or small business owner. If you find that there are times you need a little help to:

  1. Attract New Customers Consistently
  2. Engage Customers by creating a fun User experience 
  3. Retaining good loyal customers to purchase again and again.

If you want to be part of a massive small business uprising effort. An organization where your small contribution joins those of other entrepreneurs and collectively we benefit from services such as; Customer engagement events, educational programs, expert guidance, maximum efficiency in advertising with no commissions or binding contracts. Then you are one of us and you belong to the Agora Perks family.

Visit us and participate in one of our upcoming events, talk with the business owners  already affiliated. Become a member and we can help each other build our respective  business. Don’t miss out, we are waiting for you.

Check us out and let me know what you think?  My name is Gerardo Reyes, and my email is or text me at 786.343.1821.  Look forward to your ideas, thoughts and collaboration

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