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Special Offer for So. Florida Small Business Owners Only


Convertible Advertising Coupons

Why Advertise With Agora Perks?

If you want innovative ideas to attract customers.  Refuse to pay commissions to sell coupons and simply need smart, inexpensive advertising that works.  Then you are in the right place.  All our deals, coupons and rewards programs are free to the consumer.  No coupon pre-sales.  No Commissions, No binding contracts.

Convertible Coupons Deals

Our Flagship Stand alone Advertising Deal.

Convertible coupons with first month *$50 IG sponsored Ad, works as an all in one digital advertising tool that:

  • ATTRACTS New Customers with a Discount then,
  • RETAINS Loyal customers with rewards programs
  • INCREASES SALES with **Gift Certificate Options.

Offer Specific:  *This offer also includes first month sponsored Instagram Ad value of $80.   Optional features **Gift Certificate onetime setup $79 not included. 


Included in this offer is a one year advertising program that includes:

  • One Year Promotion on the all coupons platform locally (average 339 visits a day)
  • Weekly Email Alerts & Notification, 
  • Printed advertising media
    • Flyer – Customer & Employee
    • Window Decals
    • Table Top Displays
  • Social Media Post
  • Paid local event sponsorship
  • Push Notifications
  • Free Share on
    • Top Social Media Post
    • Email
    • SMS Text and more

and more.


  • Gift Certificate onetime setup fee $79 not included.
  • Additional Sponsored social media Ad are not included,

I want additional information.  Please, contact me!

Over 90% of al consumers have used coupon in some way.
77% of consumer spend more then intended when using a coupon.
31 Billions were redeemed in digital coupons in 2019.
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Sharing the Agora Perks coupons is possible because we do not sell your coupon, hence we do not worry about collecting commissions.  All monies paid (if any) for a coupon or gift certificate are collected by your merchant processing service.

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