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How Does Agora Perks Advertising Bring You Customers?

Agora Perks Objectives:

works with Small Business Owners to help them reach their sales quota and income goals by solving one of the biggest problem all businesses have.  Creating and maintaining a steady flow of buying customers.  Without a steady stream of customer it is difficult if not impossible to sustain any business.

Without customer you don't have a business. You have a hobby!

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Product Focus:

Agora Perks focuses on 3 key principles of business success, Attracting, Engaging and Retaining loyal customers.

Below you will find our product matrix.  Under each column heading you will find our corresponding product that meets the objective for the small business owner.

These products can stand alone as an advertising campaign and will help the small business owner reach his or her goals, however; working in combination with each other in a well planned and executed digital marketing sales plan (which we call Blue Ribbon Marketing Campaigns).

Blue Ribbon Marketing Campaigns:

These are by and large full digital plans that incorporate a variety of products and services.  The blue ribbon marketing process is a combination of varios elements that alone work well, but in combination create a path for an potential customer to opt in, be captured and engaged all the way to your front door or phone.

It starts with a meeting to understand your goals and objectives.  Then creates a proposal that combines…

  • Convertible Coupon
  • Customer Rewards Programs
  • Lead Magnets
  • Unique landing pages
  • Page Pop-ups
  • Engagement Forms
  • Email Auto Reply and
  • Facebook Sponsored Ads
  • Instagram Paid Ads
  • Google Ads

…and more

Then we work with you for the duration of your campaign to ensure the best possible results adjusting if necessary or tweaking if necessary the targeted audience or message.  

These campaign are obviously more detailed and hence more expensive but in the long run the best return of advertisement investment.

Agora Perks Products Matrix

In fact the chart below show how Agora Perk products and services address the 3 major principles in customer management.  Attraction, Engagement and Retention.

Attract Customers Engage Customers Retain Customers

Discount Digital Coupon

Price Range:  $139 / Month

Unique Landing Pages

Price Range:  $20 / Month

Stamp & Perk Rewards Programs

Price Range:  $179 / Month

Convertible Coupons:

Price Range: $179 / Month

Professional Websites

Price Range:  $750 to $3,000

Events & Workshops

Price Range:  $99 to $360

Blue Ribbon Marketing

Price Range:  $750 / 1 Month
                     $1,000 / 2 months

Content Management

Price Range:   $25/ hour

Email Marketing Campaign

Price Range:  $500 to $750 / Month

Agora Perks does NOT charge a commission nor do we “sell” your coupons to consumers.  All coupons and reward programs are free to use, we charge the advertiser a flat rate (shown above) for their ad promotion time block (duration of the ad).

How do we advertise your deal?

Agora Perks promotes and advertises your deal everyday through various sponsored and free post advertising such as:

  • Promoting all coupons platform locally to consumers.
  • Email monthly campaigns, 
  • Printed advertising media
  • Paid social media post,
  • Paid local event sponsorship
  • Push Notifications
  • Shared Social Media Post

and more.

How can sharing your deal FREE reach thousands more?.

Agora Perks while participating in paid advertising such as Email monthly campaigns,  printed advertising and paid sponsorship advertising is effective we highly recommends and teaches the Small Business Operator how to share his or her deal for free to literally thousands of potential consumers daily.

Sharing the Agora Perks coupons is possible because we do not sell your coupon, hence we do not worry about collecting commissions.  All monies paid (if any) for a coupon or gift certificate are collected by your merchant processing service.

Networking Events:

We conduct regular FREE networking events and FREE training for local small business owners so as to support and help them reach their respective sales goals. 

For the latest events and happenings at Agora Perks visit the Agora Perks Mall News page.  Visit often as updates and announcement for new course happen all the time.  We recommend subscribing to Agora Perks for latest news.  Newsletter subscription is at the bottom of the page.

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Our belief

We believe the small business owner is the backbone of America.  by supporting the local small business owners we are supporting the local community The small business owner supports the local community and the local.   We can’t give you any money but we can help you generate money by driving traffic directly to your business for just $1 a day for one year.

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