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How To Attract New Patients for Health & Dental Practices

Attention Dental & Medical
Office Managers

“It’s a basic fact of doing business, you must bring in New Patients to stay in business and grow the practice.”

Let us help you EffectivelyAffordably & Efficiently.


Request a FREE Demo & FREE Facebook Report

Complete the form to receive a report and sample Ad of the of the potential new patients looking for your specialty in your area.  A representative will contact you to help determine exactly who your target audience is, to generate your Demo Ad and report.


Or learn more about AgoraPerks works?

Learn more about how Agora Perks help small business owners attract new patients or click below to schedule an online meeting for a FREE no obligation consultation.

As a healthcare provider, did you know you are now more needed than ever before?  

Future patients who want to feel better and improve their health are searching the internet for Professionals like you right now!  

What they are finding are countless discount promotions. The sheer volume is overwhelming, mostly offering the traditional discount on services like yours to attract future patients.

But does it really work?  

Normally with this advertising, what professionals attract are undesired bargain hunting patients who are looking for a similar discount on all your services and will actually haggle on pricing.  Worse still, patients who may want to continue receiving your services but always at discount price.  

Stop that, it doesn’t work, consider a creative Agora Perks Ads, instead. Hello my name is Gerry and I am the manager at is a disruptive, innovative and fast growing digital advertising platform


Here is an example of how our ads work for health & wellness practitioners to increase the number of patients in their practice…


Step 1:  Starts by Creating an ad-on Downloadable Gift Certificate 

Some options for a Add on certificate may be

  • For Dentist “free teeth whitening for new patients” only or 
  • Free consultation exam for high-end treatment such as Invisalign or implants.
  • For Holistic Healthcare providers an add-on certificate may be a free Neck or Shoulder Massage or Free pain management treatment for new patients only.


The advantage here is your ad is not discounting or cheapaning your services to attract a patient, instead it is adding value to new patients only.  The Assumption being is you must first be a new patient paying regular prices to get the ad-on.   This way you maintain your professional pricing and still attract new patients.

Step 2

Using Facebook ads determined within a few miles from your office who has searched for keyword terms in your field

For medical practitioners search keywords like “pain relief” “Dr near me” or “back pain” for Dentist search terms may be “dental implant” “invisalign ” or “Tooth pain”  – we help you select the best search terms for your target audience.

Once keywords are determined,  sponsor  FB or IG  ads Targeting these specific individuals so you know that they are interested in your services.

Placing the certificate offered in their Instagram or Facebook feed with a call to action button taking them specifically to your unique landing page/


 Step 3 

The ones that clicked to “learn more” will arrive at your unique landing page.  Here they will be able to learn more about your practice, read reviews, see images and awards and download their certificate for service offered.  Your future patient will get their certificate emailed to them, once they have entered their name, phone number and valid email. 

The certificate which must be presented for the services rendered by either printing or screen shot.


Step 4

Once required information is submitted the future patient is directed to an online scheduling page to set up their own appointment based on your availability and your staff receives an email as well, with their contact information to confirm schedules appointment and confirm insurance information.  It’s that simple.


Now for local S. Florida health & wellness practitioners who want to attract new patients for their practice.

We are giving away 36 – level 4 – digital Advertising packages

to help you recover from 2020


This service is typically $1,500 for a 30-day Campaign which typically renders about 25 to 30 new patients.   


as an introductory offer will give you two options – you must select only one to participate


Option 1:   Basic 30 Day Free Trial ($69 setup fee not included)

A $396 value – Free Option To try our services  –   this includes 

  1. Design and creation of the certificate for your campaign.
  2. Facebook Ads report of your selected target reach
  3. Landing page design and conversion funnel creation.
  4. Lead magnet conversion form, for patient to get certificate and you to get the future patient information 
  5. Free 30 ad post
  6. Shareable coupon format for easy ad share information and 
  7. Free Social Media feed and story post.


This is a $396 value offer free for you to try.  We cover all the expenses except your art graphics and setup fee of $69 which is not included.

So you get all that for $69 


Option 2;  Advance Professional Practice Program (Just $750)

Regular price is $1,500 for this promotion 50% off and includes all the precious in option 1 and adds

  • A Targeted sponsored Facebook or Instagram ads to potential new patients which have research the keywords in this example dental implant” “invisalign ” for “Teeth whitening ”   
  • This ad appears to the potential patients in their IG or FB feeds with a call to action to download the certificate before the run out.
  • This Ad will run for 30 days and typically results (may vary) will result in 2 to 10 patient clicks per day based on allocated budget. creates, designs, publishes and promotes effective, efficient and affordable marketing and advertising campaigns for small business health and wellness practitioners to attract and retain new patients 


Complete the form below for a FREE no obligation custom demo of what your advertising campaign might look like and FREE facebook report of your potential targeted patient consumer.

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