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In 2020 many small business went through one of the worse economic times in their history. Many small business failed others are struggling operating on pre-covid business sales models.  At the same time some business are thriving.  Why?

The answer may not be obvious but the truth is the ways consumers buy has changed dramatically.  A few years ago Google introduced the concept of the Zero Moment of Truth.  Where a consumer by virtue of a cellphone and internet access can determine within seconds the value of a business.  In short order,  determine legitimacy of a business, value of a product or service based on customer reviews or opinions and make the buying decision far before engaging the sales pitch, sales presentation or business owner.


And we want you to judge fro yourself.  That’s exactly what we want to show you and we are willing to let you try us for FREE for 90 days.  (*small onetime setup fee not included)

So as a Small Business Owner the sale of your product or service now takes place far before the customer talks to you.   That is of course if you actually have a discoverable internet presence.

This is one of the main reason Agora Perks was created and designed for.  To assist the Small Business Owner to design create, publish and promote new and innovative ways to advertise effectively, efficiently and most importantly affordably.

To Drive Consist Customer Traffic To Your Business!

How does Agora Perks Work? 

Learn how Agora Perks Work,…   Try it FREE for 90 days!  

Agora Perks uses unique product sales funnels, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Unique sales strategies and landing pages to drive your specific traffic to your business using…

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  1. With a 15 minute meeting you will get a at least two new and innovative ideas to increase sales in the post pandemic market. 
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Nothing to loose and with one good idea, maybe increase your sales.  If you want a recommendation for good book on the topic of growing your business with digital marketing for the new era, I recommend “Digital Marketing 2020” by Danny Star.  I have added the Amazon link.  Great read, let me know what you think?

This page may have affiliate links.  If you purchase a product through one of them, we will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you).  I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefitted from.  Thank you.

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