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Agora Perks
Agora Perks
$600 Stimulus Certificate available for South Florida Small Businesses –
Agora Perks
Agora Perks
Thanks to special funding we are able to offer Small Businesses and Self-Employed Entrepreneurs in South Florida $600 in Advertising.

Learn More Visit…
Agora Perks
Agora Perks
Are Your A Small Business Owner in South Florida?

Do you need more sales?

More customers?

More money to advertise?

More money for everything.

We can help drive new customer traffic to you business.

FOR FREE! We are offering select south Florida Small Businesses the opportunity to attract new business for 90 days and evaluate the New advertising platform.

No kidding -it’s free.

Learn more at
Agora Perks
Agora Perks
Agora Perks
Agora Perks
Are You A Small Business Owner struggling to get new customers after this long pandemic.
See if you qualify for free advertising. Take the survey to learn more.
Agora Perks

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