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Hello South Florida Small Business Owners. Do You Need Customers?   Learn how you can get the “New” customers you need and kickoff 2021 right without going broke.
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What will you get?

With a 15 minute meeting you will get a at least two new and innovative ideas to increase sales in the post pandemic market.  And for the first 100 in January a FREE 90 digital advertising coupon.  Nothing to loose and with one good idea, maybe increase your sales.


50% Off Blue Ribbon Programs

Blue Ribbon Marketing Plans are Full Digital Marketing Campaigns.  These include design, create (art graphics), Publish and promote to conversion.

Attract, Engage & Retain Loyal Customers   

Full and complete digital marketing campaigns.

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20% to 60% Off Controvertible Coupon Deals

Convertible Coupon Plans are Digital Discount Coupons that convert to A Repeat Customer Rewards Program

Attract & Retain Loyal Customers   

Complete digital advertising campaigns.

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10% to 40% Loyal Customer Rewards Programs

Customer Rewards Programs are Digital Rewards Points Program to encourage repeat business.

Retain Loyal Customers   

Complete, No Equip, No CC Registrations.

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Up to 89% Off  (Even a Free Trial Available)

Discount Coupon Programs these are made popular by companies like Groupon. Except; no commission, no binding contract.

Attract New Customers   

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See Promotional Flyer Below 
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No thanks -Just Give Me The Free Ideas !

No problem, 

If you don’t want to meet to learn more and want just some new ideas, here are 3 free ideas of some campaign that we have done with great success in the past.  Each one targets a specific segment of your potential customer market.   

If you want a step by step checklist for any idea shown just complete the request form and submit.  You receive the checklist link in your email.  ⇒

Get How To Checklist

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The first is ideal:

“The Birthday Campaigns

Bring in new customers to celebrate their upcoming birthday at your restaurant or bar with friends by targeting those in your area whose birthdays are coming up in the next month. 

The second ideal:

“The Bar Club Program”

Create a fun loyalty following of customers program to keep customers consuming while earning points towards rewards and prizes.

The third ideal:

“Let Them Know Awesomeness”

Capture new leads and build relationships while  increases sales by telling and sharing your story and offering a deal through Google Ads.

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