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Discount Coupon Programs these are made popular by companies like Groupon. Except; no commission, no binding contract.

2021 Kickoff Specials

Agora Perks is a disruptive digital advertising platform for Small Business Owners (SBO’s) that uses unique product sales funnels, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Unique sales strategies and landing pages to drive your specific traffic to your business using…

Current Promotion

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From 80% Off Regular Prices to FREE TRIAL Offer

Level 1 Programs

Discount Digital Coupons are the most popular coupon programs used to attract new customers for Small Business to increase sales. 

Packages from 90 day Free Trial to 60% off programs

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Level 2 Programs

Customer Rewards Programs both Perk & Stamp Programs re Digital Rewards Programs to encourage repeat customer sales opportunities.

Full feature programs from 10% to 40% off pricing 

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Level 3 Programs

Convertible Coupon  Programs Attract & Retain New Customers by Converting from a Discount Deal to a Loyal Customer Reward Program.

Full feature programs from 20% to 40% off pricing 

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Level 3 Programs

Blue Ribbon Marketing Plans are Full Digital Marketing Campaigns.  That include Design, Create, Publish & Promote to convert more Sales.

All programs
50% off pricing

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Give Us 15 Minutes!

Learn how different Agora Perks is than other adverting services you may be working with.   

How Agora Perks Attract New Customers?
Effectively, Efficiently and Affordably!

Click to Set-up an appointment with one of our representatives online (or in person) or complete the request form for a FREE Demo & Free Facebook report of your potential target audience.

What will you get for 15 minutes?

  1. With a 15 minute meeting you will get a at least two new and innovative ideas to increase sales in the post pandemic market. 
  2. FREE 90 Day digital advertising deal. (setup fee not included)  to attract new customers to your business.

Do You Need Customers? 
Request a Free, no obligation DEMO & Facebook Report.

Yes, I am interested, contact me to setup my FREE Demo & FREE Facebook Report of my target audience.

Nothing to loose and with one good idea, maybe increase your sales.  If you want to learn more about Digital Marketing and how your business can grow here is a book recommendation.

I have attached the link for “Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing 2020” one of the best resources I have read on the topic of growing your business with digital marketing for the new era. 

⇐ Click the link to navigate to Amazon Books

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U.S. Veteran owned small business dedicated to the Small Business Owner and the local community.  Because together we can do great things!


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