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Coming Out Of A Pandemic – Help For SFL Small Business Owners

Coming out of a pandemic is especially hard for a small business owner especially in South Florida.

Our economy is based in great part on tourism and local small businesses.  Some small businesses are starting to open back up while others will never open again.  

South Florida is recovering and will come out of this pandemic.  It won’t’ be easy but when we come together, nothing is impossible for South Florida.  It will be a bumpy road but together, like always will come together, pull forward and recover our beautiful tropical communities.

Agora Perks is helping the South Florida Small Business Owners and Self-Employed Entrepreneurs get back to the business of doing business.  

If you are a small business owner in the South Florida area that’s Broward, Miami- Dade and Palm Beach county’s this deal is for you.

To help you in your recovery, we cannot give you money but we can and will help you drive in customer traffic.  With customers coming back and purchasing your products and services, sales go up and so does your revenue.

Sample Convertible Coupon

To help you accomplish this we are reducing all of our digital advertising convertible coupons and reward programs to just $1 a day for one year. 


That’s a 90% discount off of our regular low rates and remember Agora Perks never charges a commission on coupon use.  We don’t have to, we don’t sell your coupon deal! 


Learn how the Agora Perks Coupons can drive tons of traffic to your business and get started today on the road to economic recovery.  This offer is in effect now and will end Black Friday, so act now.


If you need a full digital advertising and marketing campaign support we have that as well, we call them out blue ribbon campaigns.   We are also reducing our blue ribbon marketing campaign programs by 50%.   Again, we cannot sustain these prices for too long and these offers will expire midnight Black Friday November 29th.

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Why are we doing this??

We believe the small business owner is the backbone of America.  by supporting the local small business owners we are supporting the local community The small business owner supports the local community and the local.   We can’t give you any money but we can help you generate money by driving traffic directly to your business for just $1 a day for one year.

I want additional information.  Please, contact me!

How do Agora Perks Deals Work?

Take a look at our menu services and once you’ve decided which program you want click on the link to promote your business $1 a day for one year

Learn about what Agora perks can do for you by visiting Agora

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