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Agora Perks Mall

The Agora Perks Mall Stores was created during the 2020 covid19 pandemic to help the Small Business Owner and self employed entrepreneur.

How we help?

  • Networking Events; A place to meet other business owners.
  • Virtual location:  We provide full single page sites.
  • Community Blog: Sharable Blog to drive business traffic.
  • Sales Funnel Landing Page.
  • Contact Me forms.
  • About Us and Business Bio.
  • Professional Forums; Guest speakers with knowledge on various topics of interest.


Mall Store Space & Membership
Only $23 Month.


Mall Office Address:

24/7 open for purchase

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
Sat 11AM – 3PM
Sunday Closed

Community BLOG

Community BLOG
Agora Perks

Entendimiento Empresarial

Curso de Emprendimiento Empresarial para el éxito en tu negocio en 2020. El curso es gratis! Hay límite de cupo a 70 estudiantes, así que por favor registrarse lo antes posible.

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Courses & Workshops
Agora Perks

Clase 1: Las Claves del Éxito

La primera de 10 clases del curso Entendimiento Empresarial. Curso dado gratis por Agora Perks Academy. La división educativa de

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Community BLOG
Agora Perks

How Does Agora Perks Deals Work?

Agora Perks works by advertising to local consumers but focus on 3 key principles: Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Loyal Customers. Without a steady stream of customers all you have is a hobby.

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Community BLOG
Agora Perks

Why Agora Perks?

Agora Perks, is an assembly (a group) of entrepreneurs, small business owners and solopreneurs who on their own may be struggling to stay in business, specially during this crazy global pandemic,  but together can achieve the success that alone might be more difficult.

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Community BLOG
Agora Perks

Principles of Success

(Subtitulada En Español) A look at the 4 principles a small business owners must master to guarantee success in business today. Share with a business owner you know.

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