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Attracting To Your Business

Are you Managing a business and  need more customers?  Looking for fresh new ideas to get customers coming back, but don’t have a huge Advertising Budget?  We hear you! 

Get a few ideas here for FREE! 

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Hello and welcome restaurant or bar manager;

If you're here it's because you're looking for at least one good idea to attract and bring in more customers to your restaurant or bar.  Don’t worry you're in the right place.

My name is Gerardo (Jerry) Reyes and I am the general manager of Agora perks.  

Agora perks is an online digital platform specializing in small business advertising and marketing but that's not important for now.  

You came here because you were looking for at least one good idea .  so let's get to it.

I can give you some general ideas and Concepts that work very well for the food and drink industry however to be able to provide an idea to you that we can guarantee will work for you we need to know a little about you.  About your business For example.

What is your sales goal?

What type of cuisine do you specialize in?

Who is your target audience?  Is it millennials for fast food and socializing or a more of a family and fine dining establishment?

What's your biggest obstacle?

These factors weigh in very heavily on what works in one restaurant and what works for another.

 I think you will agree that one solution is not the perfect solution for everybody.   So truly be helpful to you you're welcome to the information below but I recommend that we work together in the future and that means getting to know each other.

So in an effort for you, to get to know us a little bit, and how we work at Agora Perks…

What we typically do is start off with a meeting.   Nowadays because of the global pandemic we stick with virtual zoom meetings but are not opposed to putting on a mask and coming to see you.  By the way we only work in the South Florida Area.  Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties for now.  

In the first meeting set up at your convenience,  we go over your goals, your objectives, your challenges, your likes and dislikes. We take a look at your industry, what's working for your industry, what doesn't work in your industry and based on our findings and the information we collect.   

We then go to work and within a few days we send to you an advertising proposal for your consideration complete with a customer  traffic funnel, sales logic and process to engage higher  sales.

But if all you want is free information, a few ideas and go at it alone, no problem.  We respect that.   Below this video you will find information, links and more to help you.

If you want a FREE proposal specifically for your establishment then please find the link below to the survey or contact us by setting up a video meeting.  (there's a link for that as well below) The survey link will take you right to the survey itself or we can go over it together.  (that's actually the best way).   Once submitted within 24 to 48 hours you will have marketing proposals we stand behind. 

If you’re thinking about the cost!  What does this cost?  This is absolutely free. We will not charge you for our time, our investment and our analysis of your industry, your objection and your goal.    

When you decide, in the near future that you want to work with us and accept our proposal with whatever modification you deem necessary and we agree upon then we charge our work based on the terms of the proposal, you are fully in control of the entire process.

Below this video you will find a number of other links to a number of different ideas that are implemented by the service Industries specifically the restaurant and bar.  You are welcome to any of them. We simply ask for a little information from you for security purposes.

please let me know if I can be of any help any service or if you have any questions feel free to text me 786-343-1821 or send me an email at admin at Agora

Give us 15 minutes, set-up an your own appointment to get a custom design marketing strategy to reach you sales goal.  Click to schedule link Now. 

No thanks -Just Give Me My Free Ideas !

No problem, here are 3 free ideas of some campaign that we have done with great success.  Let us know if you have any question or would want to discuss how they could work for you.

Idea #1: 

Upcoming Birthday Campaign

Bring in new customer to celebrate their upcoming birthday at your restaurant or bar with friends.

Idea # 2: 

Restaurant (Bar) Club Rewards

Create a fun loyalty program to keep customers consuming while earning points towards rewards and prizes.

Idea # 3: 

Tell Your Story  Grow Campaign

Build a relationship & increases sales by telling and sharing your story and offering a deal through Google Ads.

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