The celebration of a decade

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With all the latin flavor and modern influences that is Miami.  From Classic Rock to Garage Rock.  South Floridas own Local South Florida born and bred. 

Franky, lead guitarist “On A Plain Cover”

All Along The Way

Late Night Jams

Prófugos Rehearsal

-The Lineup-

Franky reyes (Guitar & Singer)


Born and raised in the heart of Doral.  Diverse musical eloquence and mastery.  Bloom Dreams guitarist and lead vocal.  Follow on IG @FrankyRey

oscar rodriguez


Oscar is lead guitarist, he with Franky are founders of Bloom Dream.  Born in Venezuela and a long time resident of Doral.  Here he is in the Glass Prison Solo.

Vinny Werneck (Drummer)


Drummer from Salvador, Brazil, he’s like a chameleon of musical styles he can play anything after a couple minutes of listening to it from samba to jazz to funk to grunge and everything in between. Has a natural sense of rhythm and groove that hasn’t been matched.

Luis Ledesma


Keyboard/synth player from Miami with Colombian roots. He’s a creative soul and has a knack for picking up interesting musical textures. Also a huge fan of different musical styles from 80’s synth wave to experimental electronic music and brings a modern texture to the traditional rock band sound.

James Whelan (Bass)


James is a bassist from Miami who grew up listening to metal music and brings a sense of technical proficiency the band. He’s a precise and focused and constantly strives to achieve the best as arguably the most important role, the bassist aka the harmonic and rhythmic foundation for the band.

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