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The Birth Of A Great Idea To Attract Customers

Did you know that just in Miami alone, in January 2021 there will be more than 58,000 women ages 24 to 55 that will be celebrating their birthdays?

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Imagine reaching as many of these potential new customers as you want with a Gift Certificate of a sample of your products or service to help celebrate their birthday and potentially become a new loyal customer.  It’s easier than you think.

The Gift Certificates could be:

  1. A specific dollar amount towards your products or services.  For example $25 Gift Certificate applied to your order for your birthday.  OR
  2. A Sample Gift from your inventory, products or services  for them to try. OR
  3. A Package Service for a reduce Price. For example a spa package with various treatments for a specific price.

For SFL Small Businesses Only

Select Advertising & Marketing Programs are discounted 20% to 80% 

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The offer is unique to each industry and business.  We can help you in the decision making process to what is best for your particular business.  In all cases the customer is directed to a landing page to enter their contact information, so they can receive the Gift Certificate in their emails.  Birthday Campaigns, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Campaigns are part of the Agora Perks Blue Ribbon Marketing Program.  

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