About Us

Designed for the Small Business Owner and Self Employed Entrepreneur on a budget.  The Agora Perks Mall Store is part of the answer to how to conduct business in a Post Covid19 economy. 

The Concept is based on on answering the 3 principal reasons for successful selling on the web .

Principal # 1  

Attracting New Customers

The brand creates Customizable Convertible Free Coupons for the local consumer to visit and purchase from local small business establishments.

Principal # 2 

Engage Valuable Customers

Maximize customer experience with introduction videos, engagement forms, raffles, reward.  Easy purchase and checkout and easy review process.  .

Principal # 3

Retain Loyal Customers

Retain good loyal customers with simple to use gratitude and rewards programs.   Just register with any email at for free and earn points for purchases.  When enough points are earned, earn rewards and prizes.