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$600 Small Business Stimulus 

We have all been affected by the Global Pandemic covid19 in 2020.  We, in the local South Florida Community are still feeling its affects in our local Small Businesses  

$600 Stimulus

That is why, thanks to special funding we are able to offer Small Businesses and Self-Employed Entrepreneurs in South Florida $600 in Advertising credit.  This stimulus is an effort to help stimulate our local economy and help the small business owner while providing the local consumer with real, solid offers to encouraged purchases.

So Far. Certificates Issued

Speak To A Representative

Did You Know?  According to

90% Of

use coupons! 

What is the Offer?

90 Days Of Attracting New Customers To Your Businesses – For FREE.

If you qualify for a $600 stimulus certificate your business could advertise to attract new customer with:

  • Digital Discount Coupons or
  • Loyal Customer Rewards Programs

These Coupons  are designed to easily reach thousands of local consumers by email, Facebook, Instagram, mobile phones (Apple or Android) to attract new customers to your business with:

  • No Commission to pay.
  • No Binding Contracts.
  • No obligation to continue after 90 days. 
  • 100% of sales from coupon is your to keep.

We are a new disruptive digital advertising platform (  Designed from the core for the benefit of the Small Business Owner.

Dedicated to attracting, engaging and retaining new customers for Small Business Owners.

How do I know if my business qualifies?

Our funding is limited so we are only offering this stimulus to South FLorida Small Business Owners and Self Employed Entrepreneurs.  To See If You Qualify complete the short survey.

Determine Eligibility – Complete Brief Survey.

Find other special deals by your business category or shop by industry now on Amazon.  Click the link below to find what you need.  Specials change everyday, so check often.  Find deal in beauty, restaurant, fitness and automobile supplies.

Special Deals For Small Business Owners On Amazon

Amazon Small Business Days

Find special buys and offer in your industry during the Amazon Small Business Days.  Celebrating the Small Business Community. Click the link below and select your industry to find special offers.

Amazon Small Business Specials
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