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Attract Customers

Using digital promotions and social marketing to bring customers to your store.

Engage Customers

Maximize customer experience with webinars, events, raffles, rewards programs & more.

Retain Customers

Grow your business with loyal customers using rewards programs to increase your sales and success.

Open 24/7

Your product or service available in a post covid19 store, with social distance and checkout.


For our Store owners ongoing training to improve your business from industry experts.


Work with other small business owners in referrals, marketing efforts & more


Don't have a website? Our virtual stores give you a virtual address where customer can fin you.

Intro Video

Personalized video of you welcoming customers. Bring human touch to a Socially distanced world.

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About Us

We are a family of virtual small business owners and self employed entrepreneurs.

Together we work and collaborate in our new post covid19 social distance world to find success in our respective small businesses. 

We share training, cost and support to each other to create selling opportunities using our three principal concept.

The 3 principal concept is based on on answering what are the 3 main reasons for small business to be successful today selling on the web.

Principal # 1  

Attracting New Customers

The first principal is to attract new customers consistently.  The most common and oldest way to attract new customers is to make an offer of a great deal!

The brand creates Customizable Convertible Free Coupons for the local consumer to visit and purchase from local small business establishments.

Principal # 2 

Engage Valuable Customers

Once you have brought in a new customer you must engage and peak the customers interest.  Maximize the customer experience is the 2nd principal. 

We begin by putting a human touch to your virtual business with personalized  introduction videos, engagement forms, raffles, reward.  Easy purchase and checkout and easy review process. 

Principal # 3

Retain Loyal Customers

The 3rd principal then to to retain good loyal customers with simple to use gratitude and rewards programs.   

Agora Perks Coupon do just that.  All you need is to register your customer with any email at then give points for thier purchases.  The system tracks it for you.  Then when enough points are earned customer get recognized with rewards and prizes.

Attract New Customers

Create a digital coupon or discount deal for your business and advertise it on Instagram to increase sales.  Starting at $139 for 30 days, other packages available.

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Engage My Customers

I need a human touch in a socially distant world.  Create for me an introduction video and interactive page.  Starting at $120 for 6 months, 3 minute promo video included.

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Retain Loyal Customers

I need to keep my good customers from going away.  Create an affordable Rewards Program today.  Starting at just $139 for 30 days.

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Need A Better Way To Sell Online ?
How about an affordable virtual store in a busy mall?
Learn More...
Step 1: Create An Offer
Give Customers a "reason" to come to your store. Create a Coupon!
About Coupons
Step 2 - Promote Deal
Advertise your deal everywhere. We show you how.
About Advertising Deals
Step 3 - Your Virtual Store
Bring customers to learn about you & your product or service.
Creating a Virtual Store
Step 4 - Maximize Customer Experience
With Intro Videos, Information, Questionnaire, Surveys, Gift Certificates
Creating Engagments
Step 6 - Retain Loyal Customers
Register Customers for rewards programs for repeat sales.
Creating Engagments